Cannabis Use and Mental Health

Marijuana is actually one of the most generally consumed unlawful chemicals in almost all nations. it could make you really feel peaceful, but it also results in dependency, memory troubles, fear and worry and psychotic breaks.

Cannabis is created from the dried out foliage and blooms of a shrub named Cannabis sativa. it is also named dope, pot, grass, weed, spliff and joint. It’s normally smoked via a joint (like cigarette smoking) or through a bong, water pipe, or vaporizer.

It’s illegal to consume, have, grow or sell marijuana in many nations on the earth. The penalties are diverse in each and every nation.

Cannabis effects

Cannabis influences each person in different ways. Marijuana can also have unsafe bodily outcomes/consequences.

Cognitive/emotional health concerns

Individuals that abuse marijuana on a regular basis are far more likely to grow schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Cannabis can lead to:

more sluggish reasoning and reactions

an absence of ambition

panic attacks

panic and/or heightened anxiety

paranoia psychosis hallucinations

surreal thinking.

Men and women who abuse cannabis over long periods could:

come to be dependent lose their sexual drive suffer from troubles with his/her memory suffer from learning trouble have mood shifts grow to be psychotic give thought to self destruction

People who abuse marijuana are a good deal more likely to encounter societal and monetary problems, do

poorly at school, and struggle with family and interpersonal difficulties.


Marijuana is exceptionally hazardous for people who suffer from psychological illness in the family.


Men and women who abuse cannabis consistently for extended time periods could become dependent on it. If these people stop consuming weed, they may genuinely feel restless, moody and angry, not really feel like eating food and struggle with difficulty getting to sleep.

Cannabis is created from the dried leaves and blooms of a plant named Cannabis sativa. Cannabis influences every person in different ways. It can make you truly feel peaceful and happy, or tranquil and thoughtful. The influences are generally noticed very quickly after ingesting it. Cannabis can also have detrimental bodily problems.



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